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Dark Silver Slimey Stix

Dark Silver Slimey Stix

Project LOM

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The Details: 

  • Project LOM started in 2020 during quarantine, when Martina was emptying out their studio and found valuable material that they didn't want to let go to waste. 

  • Using leftover material from previsions Set-Design jobs, these Smiley Stix are made from black clay and are coated with a shiny dark silver glaze. 

The Dimensions: 

  • Small: Approx. 4"

  • Medium: Approx. 6"

  • Large: Approx. 8"

  • XL: Approx. 10"

The Material: 

  • Slimey Stix are made of ceramic and should be handled with care :)

  • Surface is not fireproof - remove candle before it burns down or if you like it rough let it burn :)

  • Stix may not be in line with the candle but this is intentional and characteristics and style of this series is due to its handmade production, slight irregularities may occur. 

The Use: 

  • To place candle in the holder use melted wax from candle or wax-stickers. 

  • Do not use much pressure when adjusting the candle 

  • Do not remove bulks of old wax. It fits perfectly and suits the candle holder. 

  • If bulky wax is not your thing you can clean with a damp cloth.

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