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Agave Cloth

Mater Soap

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Because we love a good massage 

The Details:

  • Enhance your ritual with the best eco-cloth out there.

  • Made with agave fibers, a rapidly renewable resource, this cloth was produced in community farms in Mexico with fair trade, organic and sustainable practices. The fibers are manually extracted from the agave leaf, washed with clear water and sun dried. They are then hand spun and hand woven in a high standard and living wage work environment.

The Use:

  • Lather with your favorite Mater Soap and massage over your skin in a circular motion. This cloth is also great in the kitchen as a natural alternative to harsh sponges.

The Care:

  • After use, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.

  • This product arrives loom state (pre washed) and will shrink down to 8 x 7”.