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Smokeless Ritual Incense


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Because Pon lights an incense every morning 

The Details:

  • Bodha incense have a gentle fragrance and a smokeless burn.

  • Made in Japan using traditional methods from the finest organic woods and essential oils.

  • Each box contains 60 x 20 minute sticks for a total burn time of 20 hrs

The Scent: 

  • Calm: Soothing herbal notes of lavender, clary sage & rosewood.

  • Purify: Refined floral notes of Geranium, Jasmine & Rosewood.

  • Refresh: Clean green notes of Petitgrain, Violet Leaf & Frankincense.

  • Tenderness: A heart-soothing blend of rose, geranium & shiso leaf, coupled with a smokeless burn for tender lungs.

The Use: 

  • Place in an incense holder, light the tip, blow out the frame and enjoy 

Tenderness Details: 

  • Special edition Bodha incense in collaboration with a 5th generation woman-run incense house on Japan’s incense island.