Rat's Ass Melon Straw Daiquiri

        Rat's Ass Melon Straw Daiquiri

Serving: 1  

80ml Melon Juice

40ml Tequila

30ml Mezcal


Strawberry Juice

Rat's Ass Strawberries

One Spoonful Thai Basil Syrup (optional)

40ml Tequila 


1. Marinate strawberries in Rat's Ass overnight (can be frozen)


2. Freeze melon juice in ice cube tray


3. Blend frozen melon juice with tequila and mezcal and pour into glass


4. Blend frozen strawberries with thai basil (if using) and tequila and pour slowly over the melon juice so it floats on top.


5. Garnish with lime :)


Have a nice drink :)