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Sunny Side Up Featuring Bacon

Diego Faivre

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 The Details: 

  • Breakfast in Bed by Diego Faivre for Pon. 

  • Diego Faivre makes products from waste materials such as cardboard tubes, plastic boxes and leather strips in the amount of time purchased. To add appeal, he covers each with colourful ‘Diego Dough’ an air-drying clay.

  • Minute Manufacturing is a production system that makes objects by the minute. The cost is measured in custom ‘Diego Coins’: every coin is worth a minute of production time and is the equivalent of one Dollar.

  • ***Each egg is unique and may vary in size and style 

The Dimensions: 

  • Approx. 6-7" L

The Sunny Side Up:

  • “Sunny Side Up” started with the fascination for the egg yolks variation of colors. Depending of the geographical and cultural background, the colors vary from vibrant gold to deep orange.

  • The “Sunny Side Up” hanging art objects bring poetry and absurdity in the domestic context.