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Cake Stand


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 The Details: 

  • SHOKKI was Founded in 2013 as a label for handmade ceramics. 

  • SHOKKI creates one of a kind tableware, flower pots, and sculptures made of clay following seasonal themes.

  • Each piece is one of a kind :)

The Dimensions: 

  • Red: Approx. 4" H x 5.5" D

  • White Scribble: Approx. 2.75" H x 7" D

The Care: 

  • Do not use in microwaves, ovens or on an open flame.

  • Ceramics with a metallic glaze must not be used in the microwave.

  • To avoid stains, soak ceramics over night before use.

  • For ceramics with printed images, do not scrub or use abrasive soaps.